Monument Valley 2 is an indie puzzle game conjured with engrossing elements of art and architecture, giving players a magical experience. It is developed by Ustwo Games and is available on iOS and Android platforms. The game is set in an enchanting world designed with the essences of impossible geometry and optical illusions, where you guide a mother, Ro, and her child through mysterious paths and hidden secrets.

Mystifying Mazes and Secrets Paths

Monument Valley 2 unveils its charm through a multi-level series of puzzles. The primary objective is to manipulate the surreal environment to guide the characters through awe-inspiring monuments. Obstacles come in many shapes and forms, from cryptic doorways and paths to deceivingly inaccessible platforms. The distinguishing mechanic lies in its exceptional level design. Interactive structures can be rotated or moved, creating new paths in the 3D space that defy real-world laws, paving the way for a remarkable journey teemed with mesmerizing surprises.

A Silent Symphony of Bonding

Unlike its predecessor, Monument Valley 2 focuses on unfolding the poignant relationship between Ro and her child. There aren't abundant dialogues or detailed narrative arcs, but what makes its story unique is how it subtly weaves the emotional bond throughout the gameplay. The mother teaches, guides, and protects her child through labyrinthine architecture - portraying a universal tale of love and pathos.

An Aesthetic Odyssey

Monument Valley 2 radiates an artistic grandeur. The game design dives deep into neatly crafted Escheresque architectures, imbuing vivid colors and celestial patterns. Each level is an aesthetic splendor, with every frame appearing like a compelling canvas that arrests the players with its sophisticated grandeur. The simplicity of the character design complements the elaborate game world, contributing to a visually striking experience.

Melodic Whispers in the Valley

The soothing in-game music of Monument Valley 2 adds an element of tranquility to the engaging puzzles, crafting an ambiance of reflection and relaxation. The orchestration progresses snuggly with the game's emotional undertones. Subtle sound effects captivate the senses, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

Journeying through the Passage of Replayability

Monument Valley 2 invites the appeal of repeat playthroughs. The puzzles may seem straightforward initially, but the game progresses to more complex designs that would require multiple attempts. The story's emotional resonance might also draw players back to revisit Ro and her child's journey.

Key Features

- Intuitive Puzzle Mechanics: The game introduces various imaginative, easy-to-understand puzzle mechanics that require players to manipulate their surroundings.

- Striking Visual Aesthetics: Monument Valley 2 features a distinct artistic style with intricate architecture and vibrant colors.

- Immersive Sound Design: Offers a soothing soundtrack and subtle sound effects that match the visual beauty, contributing to a tranquil experience.

- Emotionally Charged Narrative: The game follows a unique, unspoken narrative of a deep relationship between a mother and her child, narrated through gameplay.

- Unique Level Design: Every level is a unique journey through multi-dimensional space that defies real-world laws of physics and geometry.

- Interactivity: The game world is highly interactive, with nearly every element in the environment tweakable or movable.

- Replay Value: The desire to enjoy the visual spectacle and experience the narrative again, coupled with more complex puzzles, incentivizes repeat play-throughs.

- Accessibility: The game has a fluid control scheme that is easy for players of all age groups to grasp.

Conclusion: A Mesmerizing Maze of Emotions

Monument Valley 2 is not merely a game; it's an emotional expedition sculpted within an artistic masterpiece. The cleverly designed puzzles, touching narrative, and stunning art styling make it a game worth exploring. However, seasoned puzzle game connoisseurs might find it less challenging. Nevertheless, for those who appreciate a unique blend of subtle storytelling embedded within mesmerizing geometric puzzles, Monument Valley 2 is indeed a worthy trail.


  • Visually captivating experience
  • Cleverly designed puzzles
  • Touching narrative despite limited dialogue
  • Placid and immersive sound design


  • Lack of challenging elements
  • Short game length


Monument Valley 2 Monument Valley 2
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