In the realm of video games, many titles offer heart-pounding action, detailed narratives, or complex character development. And then there's Human: Fall Flat - a game that takes a far different approach by focusing on physics-based puzzles, comedic moments, and the sheer joy of exploring interactive environments. The game, developed by No Brakes Games, breaks down conventional gaming barriers to provide a uniquely hilarious experience. In this in-depth review, we’ll unravel the quirky dimensions, playful landscapes, and slapstick humor that make Human: Fall Flat a standout title in its genre.

The Clumsy Protagonist

Human: Fall Flat puts you in the shoes of Bob, a faceless, white-colored human with no superhuman abilities except for his unending life. Bob is a charmingly clumsy character whose antics inevitably lead to laughter and joy, making even the simplest actions delightful.

Defying Physics - Storyline and Plot

There's no traditional narration or storyline in Human: Fall Flat. The narrative unfolds through the environment, with cryptic hints scattered across the levels. The purpose of the game is journeying from point A to point B while solving various physics-based puzzles—an intriguing depiction of human dreams and their interpretations.

Mechanics of Unraveling Creativity

The game thrives on its physics-based puzzle mechanics, which empower a player to experiment with various solutions across levels. Each level is a sandbox inviting players to interact with different objects, utilize them in unique ways, and shape their game route. The controls are simple, and the freedom given to a player’s creativity is impressive.

Multiplayer Mayhem

Human: Fall Flat shines in its multiplayer mode. Adding friends to the mix leads to complete mayhem and loads of laughter. It also adds a different dimension to puzzle-solving, as teamwork is often needed to tackle more complex challenges. Working together while navigating Bob's hilariously chaotic physics brings an entertaining layer to the multiplayer experience.

Graphics and Sound Design

The universe of Human: Fall Flat is beautifully minimalistic, with every level offering a different scenery while maintaining a consistent aesthetic. The design aids the player's focus on puzzle-solving. The sound design complements the graphics, adding ambiance and depth to the environment. The satisfying clatter of objects, Bob's footsteps, and his comedic falls all enhance the immersive experience.

Side Quests - Hidden Secrets

There are no traditional side quests in Human: Fall Flat. However, each level is packed with hidden areas and secret paths that can lead to alternative solutions or delightful discoveries. It encourages exploration, rewards curiosity, and is a valuable addition to replayability.


With its open-ended level design and numerous puzzle solutions, Human: Fall Flat boasts high replayability. You can replay any level from a different approach, uncover new secrets, or simply enjoy the wobbly mayhem. The controls are smooth and efficient. However, mastering Bob's movements can be a cheeky challenge reminiscent of the game’s humorous theme.

Stuff Worth Noting

Would-be players should be aware that the real fun lies in its chaotic, open-ended puzzle-solving and multiplayer mode. It's not about winning but experiencing laughter from the silliness that ensues. Mastering the controls might feel tough initially, but it's part of the charm, adding to the hilarious unpredictability of the game.

To summarize, Human: Fall Flat offers a unique blend of enjoyable physics-based problem-solving and satisfying exploration, enhanced by minimalist visuals and comedic sound design. It’s a delightful playground of nonsense that provides plenty of amusement, especially in multiplayer mode.


  • Highly creative, open-ended puzzles
  • Chaotic and hilarious multiplayer mode
  • High replayability
  • Minimalist but visually immersive graphics
  • Intriguing environmental storytelling.


  • Lack of a traditional storyline might not appeal to some
  • Controls can initially feel challenging
  • Single-player might feel less fun compared to multiplayer mode.


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