Imagine driving a combine harvester at breakneck speeds of 6 mph, with nothing but vast, open fields in your sights. Hear the engine roar with effort and the rustle of golden grains as they're gathered and separated. With Farming Simulator 20, this imagining can be your reality.

As a title within a niche genre of simulation games, Farming Simulator 20 stands out for its unique offering and detailed gameplay. It invites players into the world of agriculture, challenging them to grow and manage their own farms along with its multitude of assets and responsibilities. In this review, we will explore the game's mechanics, sound design, and graphics and discuss its replayability factors, along with its pros and cons, in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of what this virtual farming experience entails.

Farming Simulator 20 is not your typical plot-driven video game. The narrative is very loose, essentially providing a sandbox for you to explore the life of a modern farmer. The game is set in a North American farming environment, with the backdrop featuring beautiful landscapes and varying terrains. You’re given a plot of land, and it’s your job to turn it into a flourishing farm.

While there are no specific main characters like a traditional game, you are the main character. You take on the role of a contemporary farmer, with the autonomy to name and customize your character according to your liking.

Game Mechanics and Gameplay

Farming Simulator 20 offers a plethora of farming activities. You can cultivate crops, raise livestock, and sell your products to expand your farm. The game includes over 100 realistic farming vehicles and tools from some of the biggest names in the industry, like John Deere, Case IH, and more.

A significant part of the game revolves around managing your finances and improving your machines and infrastructure. There's a certain satisfaction that accompanies the successful harvest of a field of crops or seeing your herd of cows grow. The game follows real-life farming, which includes preparing land, sowing seeds, fertilizing, and finally harvesting.

Graphics and Sound Design

The sound design in Farming Simulator 20 is authentically striking. The murmuring of the winds, the chirping of the birds, the growling engines of your machines, and the mooing of your cows greatly enhance the gaming experience.

Equally impressive are the graphics. The detailing of the vehicles and environmental textures, including buildings, fields, and livestock, is top-notch. The game does a good job of replicating a picturesque rural landscape.

Side Quests

While Farming Simulator 20 lacks a multiplayer mode, it provides a variety of side jobs or ‘quests’ that you can undertake to enrich your journey. These side jobs range from cultivating certain crops to delivering specific goods. Completing them can offer generous payouts. However, these tasks are optional and do not affect your main progress.

Control Efficiency and Replayability

Controlling various farming machinery seems initially daunting due to the many options available. However, after a few hours of gameplay, you'll quickly acclimatize. Farming Simulator 20 offers high replay value as each decision creates a unique experience. You can try different crops, livestock, or machinery setups in various playthroughs.

Overall Verdict

In essence, Farming Simulator 20 offers an immersive, leisurely-paced gaming experience brimming with strategic decisions and rewarding payoffs. It isn’t a game for everyone, as some may find the slow pace and detailed farming mechanics tedious. It is, however, a must-play for simulation enthusiasts or those with a keen interest in farming.

To conclude, Farming Simulator 20 may not hold much appeal to the action or adventure-seeking crowd, but it delivers an engrossing and realistic farming experience that few games offer. Though it may have its quirks and challenges, it presents a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies and beauty of modern farming right at your fingertips.


  • Detailed, realistic farming mechanics
  • Huge variety of vehicles and equipment
  • Great graphics and sound design.


  • Lack of multiplayer mode
  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Some may find the gameplay monotonous.


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