Resident Evil 9 Will be Unveiled Soon, Launching January 2025 – Rumour

  • 04-05-2024 |
  • Nicole Miller

Three years after the release of Resident Evil Village, fans of Capcom’s iconic survival horror series are eagerly awaiting a new addition. It appears that the wait won't be much longer. According to respected leaker Dusk Golem, the development schedule for Resident Evil 9, previously rumored to be delayed until after 2025, is now back on track. Dusk Golem has indicated on social media platforms that an official announcement for the game will be made soon, aiming for a January 2025 launch.

This announcement follows Dusk Golem's clarification on the game's progress, stating that if everything goes according to plan, fans could look forward to this timeline being achieved. However, it’s vital to note that, as with any speculative information, these details might change as development progresses.

Dusk Golem also shared insights on the game’s scope and production. Apparently, Resident Evil 9 has had a longer development period compared to its predecessors and boasts the largest budget in the franchise's history. The game is rumored to be employing the open-world technology from Dragon’s Dogma 2, hinting at a broader and possibly more exploratory gameplay experience than traditional entries in the series.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that early in 2023, Capcom approved a new slate of Resident Evil projects. Among these, five new games are reportedly under development, which include some remakes of older classics.

The exact timing of the Resident Evil 9 announcement is still up in the air, but there are several upcoming industry events that could potentially serve as the platform for this big reveal, such as the Summer Game Fest, the Xbox Games Showcase, and a rumored forthcoming PlayStation Showcase. Fans will be watching these events closely, hopeful for official news from Capcom about the next chapter in this beloved horror saga.