Among the myriad multiplayer, online, survival-horror games in the market, Secret Neighbor stands out with its unique concept and darkly fun gameplay. Published by tinyBuild and developed by Dynamic Pixels, the game takes you into the sinister suburban world of the widely popular Hello Neighbor universe. Secret Neighbor is an engrossing social horror experience that brilliantly combines mystery, teamwork, and tension in a deliciously sinister package.

Immerse Yourself in the Mystery

In Secret Neighbor, a group of up to six players takes on the role of resourceful kids who venture into the mysterious neighbor's house to rescue their friend locked in the basement. The nerve-wracking twist is that one of the 'kid' players is secretly the sinister neighbor in disguise, whose objective is to eliminate the kids before they discover the keys to unlock the basement door.

Multiplayer and teamwork are core to the Secret Neighbor experience. As kids, you and your team must work together, scavenging for useful items, sharing information, and helping each other out while constantly keeping an eye on possible betrayals. As the neighbor, you have the challenging task of earning trust, creating confusion, and systematically taking out the children before the time runs out.

Diverse Characters, Unique Abilities

Each character in the game has unique powers, like the Scout's capacity to blind the neighbor with a flashlight or the Detective's knack for tracking key clues. This diversity enhances the strategic element in gameplay, compelling players to use their roles effectively to survive and accomplish objectives.

Uniquely Distinctive: How Secret Neighbor Stands Out

Secret Neighbor sets itself apart from its counterparts in the online multiplayer market by skillfully blending elements of social deception, mystery, teamwork, and horror in one tantalizing game package. It differentiates itself in a market brimming with traditional shooters and survival games through its unique game mechanics and rich character roles.

While many online multiplayer games bank heavily on combat skills and reactions, Secret Neighbor brings in subtle elements of psychological gameplay. Players must navigate through trust, betrayal, deception, and strategic cooperation, much like the popular party game 'Among Us'. However, under its sinister suburban setting and distinct characterization, Secret Neighbor adds depth and narrative, thereby uniquely enhancing the 'social deduction' genre.

One distinguishing feature is the game's character abilities. Unlike typical games where characters primarily differ in appearance, each kid character in Secret Neighbor has specific skills critical to the game's outcome. For instance, the Detective can sleuth for key clues more efficiently, while the Scout can temporarily blind the neighbor - these roles add strategic meat, demanding the players to leverage their abilities effectively.

Last but not least, Secret Neighbor's captivating backstory, hinged on the popular Hello Neighbor universe, also makes it uniquely engaging. Playing a seemingly innocent child navigating a dangerous, mysterious environment creates an intriguing mix of horror and adventure that sets it apart from traditional horror survival games.

All these elements combined – the suspenseful premise, unique social deception gameplay, crucial character abilities, and the engrossing Hello Neighbor lineage – make Secret Neighbor an inventive and thrilling outlier in the online multiplayer game market.

A Challenge: Weaknesses

While Secret Neighbor excels in creating a nail-biting multiplayer experience, it does stumble in certain aspects. The game's overall success remarkably depends on who you play with - An uncooperative or silent team can drastically reduce the fun aspect. Moreover, there are occasional glitches and minor graphic issues that marginally detract from the otherwise immersive gaming experience.

Survival and Deception: User Impressions of Secret Neighbor

Considering the unique sense of suspense and thrill Secret Neighbor offers, it has garnered mostly positive impressions from players. Users often appreciate the engaging social dynamics, the fun mix of horror and mystery, and the impactful character abilities.

However, some users voice concerns over collaboration challenges, particularly with strangers or non-communicative players, which significantly lowers the enjoyment of the game. The developer's commitment to updates to smoothen out technical issues and glitches is also noted, showing a promising direction for the game's future.


  • Uniquely thrilling multiplayer concept
  • Effective combination of mystery, horror, and teamwork
  • Different character roles with unique abilities
  • Regular updates and fixes from the developer


  • Game enjoyment depends heavily on the quality of teamwork
  • Occasional graphic glitches and bugs
  • Game complexity may deter casual gamers.


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Secret Neighbor
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