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Many Faces

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Many Faces is a classic, retro arcade shooter from the 90s. Blast your way through randomly generated levels to confront the Many Face King! While you were sleeping on your comfy rock, he abducted you to make you join the faces! Now he’s got to pay! And you still need your beauty sleep!

Random Levels:
Every play through is never the same! There are over 50+ levels in the game, but each run will only take you through 17 of them. On top of that, dozens of levels are filled with various hazards to avoid.

The Faces:
Fight over a dozen different enemy face types, each with it's own unique movement and attack pattern. They're everywhere!

There are 7 challenging bosses to overcome, but each run mixes up who you fight and in what order. Try to destroy them all!

Look good while you’re kicking butt! You will have the chance to wear over a dozen different hats. These give you unique abilities or gun modifications to aid you in your fight. Pick wisely, you can only wear 1 hat at a time and take it with you to the next level.

Listen to a lovely 8-bit soundtrack provided by great contributors at OpenGameArt. Music is also randomized on each run to add a little spice.


Many Faces Many Faces
Many Faces
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